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Classic Glow Silver Dots

Classic Glow Silver Dots

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CLASSIC GLOW, Silicone 4-36 months

ESSKAs self-luminous pacifier CLASSIC GLOW is good when the child loses the pacifier in the middle of the night, and that it is self-luminous means that it is easy to find in the dark. That way , you do not turn on the light and awaken the child. 

CLASSIC GLOW is also kind to your baby’s sensitive skin when the vented shield prevents skin irritation around the mouth. 

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Before you use the pacifier for the first time, it should be sterilized for 5 minutes in boiling water to ensure cleanliness. Make sure that the soother is not touching the bottom or edges of the pan when the high heat can damage the soother. Allow it to cool and squeeze out any water from the soother. The pacifier should not be used within 30 minutes after sterilization. If you are using a sterilization equipment – follow its instructions. 
Avoid dish soap – warm running water is enough before each use.
For your child’s safety, check the product regularly. 
Make sure that you always check the soother before use by pulling the soother in all directions. No pacifiers are made ​​for biting. Replace instead if the teat have any damage or weakening. About every two months, we recommend that you change your baby’s pacifier.
Avoid exposing the pacifier to direct sunlight or heat as this weakens the soother. 
If the teat and shield against all odds would end up inside the baby’s mouth, do not panic, the pacifier can not be swallowed and contains holes for breathing in the shield. Instead remove it as gently as possible. 

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