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Sterilizering box

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Sterilizering box
When you buy our pacifiers Classic Plus+, the new CLASSIC MINI, GLOW, and HAPPY, HAPPY MINI in stores (not in our online store), they come along with a sterilizing box. But of course you can use the box for all other ESSKA pacifiers. (Except RETRO and “old CLASSIC”) You can also buy the box separately here on our website.
In addition that the box helps you sterilize your pacifiers, it also helps to keep dirt and dust away when you store your pacifiers in it. Excellent to store pacifiers in the box when you pack the diaper bag or going for a trip.

With a few simple steps to sterilize your soothers before use.
1. Fill with water to the mark on the box.
2. Add pacifiers with the teat down.
3. Run the microwave for three minutes at 750-850 watts.
4. Open the lid and let cool for about 3-5 minutes.
Be careful when you open the box when the water may be hot. Let the teats cool off completely before you give it to your child.

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